Register To Vote

Registering to Vote is easier than ever before! Its simple, just visit this link:, and go through a few easy steps. Just make sure you select “Libertarian” in the Party Affiliation section at the end.

You can also request a Voter Registration Form. Depending on the version of the form you get, it will either be a checkbox or an empty area. If it is an empty area, write “Libertarian” in it. All counties now offer online registration but if you prefer to register using the Fillable Voter Registration Form, click here to access the Secretary of State's Online Fillable Voter Registration Form and follow three simple steps:

  1. Print the form.
  2. Fill out the form legibly and don't forget to sign it.
  3. Mail or Deliver in person the form to the county clerk or registrar of voters in your county.

In a week or so, you will receive a new voter registration card from your county clerk’s office. If you have technical problems, please call the Secretary of State's office at 775-684-5705. 

If you would like help from my campaign please visit call us at 775.241.8071 and we will be available to help!

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