About David

David Colborne is different.

Unlike his opponents, he wasn't born and raised in Reno. Like a lot of people throughout Northern Nevada, he's actually originally from California - Torrance, more specifically, one of the several suburbs that surround Los Angeles. He moved to Nevada just in time to start high school, completing all four years in dusty, dry Pahrump. After experiencing everything Southern Nevada had to offer, especially that dry heat people down there seem to love so much, he swore that, though he might visit from time to time to see old friends, he would never, ever live there again. 

So he enrolled at the University of Nevada, received his Bachelor's in Computer Science, then stuck around. He even started a family. Reno hasn't been rid of him since.

The differences don't end there, though. David's also the only candidate for Senate 15 that isn't a small business owner. Oh, don't get him wrong, he's not against small businesses - in fact, he's worked for a few, picking up recommendations and references at each and every one of them. However, unlike his opposition, he actually takes a normal paycheck and works a normal shift, just like the vast majority of Nevadans. He has respect for people that make payroll - he's rather fond of his share of it, after all - but he also knows what it's like to never be entirely in control over your own financial destiny. He knows that, while a business owner has several employers they must answer to, an employee has only one - and if that customer can't afford the employee's services anymore, the employee is in deep, deep trouble.

David wants to stay out of trouble - and he wants to keep all the other employees in Senate 15 out of trouble, too. Employees like you.

So, are you an employee? Or have you ever been one? Maybe you, like David, have children in our local schools here in Northern Nevada, or just watched some matriculate? Why don't you register to vote and give him a hand?

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