Why I am a Libertarian

Why am I a Libertarian? And why did I choose the Libertarian Party?

First things first - I'm a Libertarian because I don't believe I know how to run your life better than you can. Don't get me wrong, I'm rather pleased with my life and how it's turned out so far, but I don't have all of the facts. I don't know your life history. I don't know what's led you to your current point in life. I don't know your gifts, your strengths, your weaknesses, or the situations that turn your strengths into weaknesses or vice-versa.

But you do.

So I'm a Libertarian because I want you to make those choices. I want you to decide where you want to live, how you want to earn a living, how you want to raise your children, how your children should be educated, how you'll get to work and pick up the groceries, what food you and your family will eat, and so on. Because, ultimately, you know how to make those decisions for you better than I can. What can do, meanwhile, is do everything politically possible to give you and your family as many choices as possible so that you and your family have the best choice for you available to you. 

So why I did choose the Libertarian Party, anyway? 

The Libertarian Party has changed. We're the fastest growing party in the country, and here in Nevada we now have professional full time staff, and the most organized, effective, grassroots political operation I've ever seen. The Libertarian Party is the only party that supports the kinds of common sense solutions that can solve the very real problems that Nevadans face on a daily basis. The other parties only want to continue spending more of our tax dollars, throwing good money after bad ideas.

It is now clear that The Libertarian Party is the only viable option to affect real policy change. The Libertarian Party wants to reduce government spending and taxation, and streamline regulation so that we can create jobs and opportunities, and promote innovation, while lowering prices, and raising wages. I'm a libertarian because education is important to me--and healthcare, and meaningful criminal justice reform. And only the Libertarian Party has a realistic plan for our state to improve in these areas.

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