As Your State Senator, My Priorities Will Be:

  • Ensuring that all businesses in Nevada are bound by the same rules, regardless of size.
  • Improving access to school choice for all Nevadans.
  • Preventing taxpayer-funded subsidies to large corporations that privatize gains and socialize losses.
  • Advocating criminal justice reform to reduce the load on Nevada's prison system and keep families together.
  • Improving Nevadans' access to gainful employment by reducing Nevada's occupational licensing regime from the 3rd most restrictive in the country to the 50th.


Every business in Nevada needs to play by the same rules. It doesn't matter if you sell solar panels, electric cars, or waffles to hungry Nevadans, you should pay the same taxes and be subject to the same rules. If we're not willing to waive taxes for a food truck, we shouldn't be willing to waive taxes for a battery manufacturer - and if we don't think battery manufacturers should pay taxes, we shouldn't make food trucks pay taxes, either. 


Nevada took a daring step toward providing families greater choice over their education choices with the creation of the Nevada Education Savings Account program. Now it's time to get it out of the courts and broaden it so all of Nevada's students may benefit. 


At the same time Nevada's legislators passed a $1.4 billion tax package on the backs of Nevada's small businesses, they also passed a $1.25 billion tax break for Tesla and another $215.9 million tax break for Faraday. If lower taxes are good for large, politically connected electric car manufacturers, they're also good for everyone else in Nevada, too.

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