FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Johnson & Colborne campaigns organize Pyramid Lake voter registration drive


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Let's talk about #Brexit


This was originally posted on my personal Facebook profile.

Let's talk about #‎Brexit.

Pretend that, every time you have a major policy disagreement with someone, they call you a racist, a misogynist, or worse (if you're a Sanders supporter, this shouldn't take much imagination since this is exactly what certain Hillary supporters have been doing for the past couple of months; as for Trump supporters or Republicans in general, well, you're well past used to it by now). Your opponents declare, time and again, that you can't possibly disagree with a particular policy or politician on its merits - no, you must secretly, or not-so-secretly, be a coded Xist, for some value of X. You secretly hate brown people, children, women, the working class, you're just seeking to perpetuate your privilege - use your imagination. Sometimes you try to disagree; most of the time, they just shout you down and you either give in or your side just loses vote after vote.

Now, imagine this has been going on for about a generation. Or two.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 15 Press Release


June 15, 2016. Dateline, Reno Nevada.

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I don't always endorse a Presidential candidate


I’ve been involved in the Libertarian Party for the better part of two decades. I originally joined in the late ‘90s, joined the College Libertarians group at the University of Nevada, Reno, took some time off to get my career off the ground and my family started, then reactivated after the election in 2008. Since then, I worked directly with Gary Johnson’s campaign in 2012, serving as a district coordinator, worked with Eddie Lorton’s mayoral campaign in 2014, and served as part of the Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Executive Committee more or less constantly for the past eight years. I ran as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for County Commissioner in 2010 and am running for State Senate right now.

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The yard signs are in!


Love them or hate them, there's no mistaking them.

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May 2016 Newsletter

Credits for Photos


It's always time to give thanks to my supporters.

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There's work to be done...


So much to do, so little time...

Today isn't the start of the campaign - quite the contrary, it's been in the works for a while- but this is the day that it gets a more public face than it's had previously. Starting today, this train of a campaign is ready to organize volunteers, take donations, answer questions, and so, so much more.

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Libertarian Party of Nevada February 2016 Newsletter

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