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Because Nevada...

Because Nevada is a spectacular land of peaks and valleys, meadows and sagebrush.
Because Nevada is a place of beautiful lakeside beaches and barren desert playa.
Because Nevada is a place where misfits and mothers can still be good neighbors, friends and partners.
Because Nevada is a comfortable place for idealists and pragmatists, conservatives and liberals, libertarians and billionaires.
Because Nevada is a land of PTAs and prostitutes, churches and casinos.
Because Nevada is a place where anyone can buy a glass of milk or a shot of vodka – at 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon – with a plate of bacon & eggs or vegan chickpea curry, all at the same restaurant.
Because Nevada is a state where people from all walks can live, work and play together in peace, harmony and prosperity.
Because Nevada is a place where all good people can live by their own rules - without violating the rules of our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.
Because Nevada understands the importance mutual respect for all her citizens.
Because Nevada needs a State Senator who understands all of this; a State Senator who knows that legislators should never impose their will on Nevadans, but who will instead bring all sides to the table.
Because Nevada needs someone who isn't Republican or Democrat; someone who clearly sees the strengths of conservatives on some things and liberals on others and who isn't ashamed of working with both sides of the aisle to get the CORRECT answer -- instead of the ideological answer.

Because Nevada needs a State Senator who knows the best way to give more back is to take less to begin with.

Because Nevada needs a smart Libertarian Senator who will get the job done.

I am that Libertarian. My name is David Colborne, and I need your support. 

Why? Because Nevada.

Do you feel the same way? Then let's work together. Ask me a question, volunteer, or donate - or some combination of the three.

Let's see what Nevadans can accomplish when they come together as one, Because Nevada. 

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    Saturday, October 01, 2016 at 12:00 PM through October 02, 2016
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    Raid California - Save Nevada


    Piracy begets piracy.

    Sometime in the next few weeks, the Nevada Legislature will decide whether or not the Raiders get to raid Nevada, despite several reputable economic studies and prominent examples plainly showing that publicly funded stadiums are never worth the price. This is being sold to Nevadans under the guise that only Southern Nevada tourist money is being used to cover the $750 million price tag Nevadans are expected to assume - never mind the bonds being proposed are general obligation bonds, which will need to be repaid regardless of whether or not the proposed tax hike covers the repayment costs of the bonds; never mind that room taxes could and are routinely used to cover other state services, such as education; and never mind that nearly half of Nevada's revenues already come from the gaming industry, which means that "what's good for gaming" automatically becomes synonymous with "what's good for Nevada", whether it actually is or not, since keeping gaming comfortable directly affects Nevada's bottom line.

    In short, this stadium deal does not make economic sense and weds us ever closer to a single industry in a state seeking to diversify. It must be stopped.

    A while back, I facetiously noted that spending the $750 million in room fees on equipping the Nevada National Guard to stage periodic raids for plunder would provide a more consistent return to ordinary Nevadans than this stadium deal.

    I am now going to prove it.

    I asked, and received, from Youth for Johnson/Weld a Letter of Marque & Reprisal to raid the Oakland Raiders before they raid Nevada, which you can see above. On October 1st, a merry crew of campaign volunteers shall "raid" a prearranged venue in the East Bay and "pillage" a cargo of Oakland Raiders merchandise. This merchandise (shirts, blankets, and so forth) shall then be delivered to a local non-profit in the Reno/Sparks area. This "raid" will provide a measurably positive economic impact to the lives of ordinary Nevadans - something which cannot be said for any tax-funded stadium. 

    If you're interested in joining our "crew", let us know below. If you're interested in sponsoring the crew, click here.

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